Chuck SchuldinerChuck Schuldiner is considered to be the pioneer of Death Metal. With his band, aptly called Death, he released many groundbreaking albums which helped cement his legacy. Starting in 1983, the band struggled with a number of member changes before their first album was released in 1987, Scream Bloody Gore. The album is considered as the first Death Metal album. It has been credited with changing the direction of heavy metal. It has Schuldiner writing the songs, performing the vocals, playing bass, and on the guitar.

Their next albums were Leprosy and then Spiritual Healing released in 1988 and 1990 respectively. They had a different recording quality and guitar tone as compared to the original. They used progressive and technical sounds. Being a perfectionist, Schuldiner had trouble maintaining full-time musicians and resorted to hiring session musicians for the live performances and recordings. This gave him the freedom to make all the decisions.

His next album, Human (1991) is another turning point in the progression of death metal. It’s evident that the guitar style was refined for this and that Schuldiner’s skill had improved which helped him be more accurate and technical with the songs. This was also partly because there were no full-time band members who could influence his decisions.

Death metal is an extreme music style featuring growled lyrics, fast guitar picks, blast beat, technical riffs, fast guitar solos, whammy bars, and pinch harmonics.

Schuldiner ended this project in 1999 and began a new group called Control Denied. But all his work came to an abrupt halt in 2001 when he died of cancer. But his music lives on. There are a number of death metal artists who say Schuldiner was their biggest influence. A number of his songs have also been performed by other death metal artists over the years.