MastodonMastodon is a band based in Atlanta and is considered a heavy metal band. They started back in 1999 and have accomplished quite a lot since then releasing six albums and growing their fan base substantially.

The band consists of Bill Kelliher on guitar, Brann Dailor on drums, Brent Hinds doing the vocals, and Troy Sanders on base. They met each other at a show called High on Fire. They learned they had quite a bit in common, and soon they joined hands and formed Mastodon. But 2001, they got a deal from Relapse Records. Their first album was titled Remission. The popular singles on the album include March of the Fire Ants and Crusher/Destroyer.

They released their second album Leviathan, in 2004. It gained critical acclaim. Terrorizer and Kerrang called it the album of the year. Metal Hammer said it was the second best album of the year. It has also been voted as the third best album of the last twenty years.

In March 2009, they released their fourth album Crack the Skye. This album has a normal and deluxe version. Within only a week of being released, it went to number eleven on the Billboard 200. Some of the most popular songs on the album include Oblivion, Divinations, The Last Baron and Ghost of Karelia.

Mastodon is one of the top voices when it comes to the new wave of metal which has become quite popular recently. With a loud and hard sound, they are certainly bringing back metal in a brand new way. The lyrics are interesting, and the songs are hard hitting which is why the band has managed to become so popular. They continue drawing followers to their band to this day. They have toured the world and continue to do so even to this day.