Slipknot'Based out of Iowa, Slipknot has been entertaining fans for over 20 years now with their alternative, metal, new metal, heavy metal, and rapcore singles and albums. The group has been attracting fans with their extreme performances and style of music since 1995.

The band has 9 members and recorded most of their music under the Roadrunner label since 1997. They use common guitar arrangements which showcase the latest in the rhythm and lead guitarist and the bassist. One unique characteristic of his band is that it has a couple of percussionists aside from the drummer. They have moved from growling vocals to melody infused music while the lyrics always presented an aggressive tone and dark content including nihilism and anger.

After releasing their first album in 1996, Anders Colsefini moved to percussion replacing Corey Taylor. Colsefini soon left the band just before they got their deal with Roadrunner. They released their self-titled album quickly after and they toured with Ozzfest. They also achieved the platinum sales status in 2000. This was a first for Roadrunner Records.

Their second album was released in 2001, and they toured once again. This time, they were even nominated for a Grammy. They finally won a Grammy for best metal performance in 2006 for before I forget. The group went on a break soon after to work on individual side projects and got back together in 2008.

There have been a number of changes to the band’s lineup over the years especially when it comes to the guitar players. Some former members include Patrick Neuwirth, Quan Nong, John Green, Josh Brainard, Greg Welts, and Donnie Steele.

Overall, this band has had a number of tours including events in Japan and Stockholm. In 2015, they headlined the Download Festival in the United Kingdom for the third time.