This is only a quick intro to a few great labels which you can use to find new bands using their earlier releases. This can be used as a tool to find some new music which you might not have heard in the past.

Metal BladeMetal Blade
This is a huge label which a lot of metal heads would know. If you haven’t checked out some of their bands, now’s the perfect time to start. They work with a number of different metal covers and genres from the last few decades. Some of the popular bands with this label include Behemoth, Pentagram, Six Feet Under, etc.

No Fashion

They started off as an underground label for black metal acts but eventually became the go-to label for anyone who wants to enter the black/death metal scene. Some of the great bands that have gone through them include Dark Funeral, Dissection, Noctes, Ablaze My Sorrow, etc. Katatonia’s first album was also released by this company. They are a good place to start if you’re looking for lesser known Swedish metal bands. One such band is Vinterland who had a great debut never made a second album. This label might not have too many bands/albums to its name, but it certainly is a cool place to find extreme bands with a unique sound.


Lastly, this is another great label which has helped a number of great bands in various genres. You might have heard of them on Type O Negative’s new material or might have noticed their label on the cover. Some of their other great bands include Prong, Sodom, Freedom Call, and Iron Angel.

Now, you know three great labels. Just dive in and start having fun. There are countless bands signed to these labels, and you should be able to spend hours enjoying new and exciting music.