Black SabbathThey say the origin of metal can be traced back to the 1960’s, or maybe even earlier. But, there were no metal bands until the creation of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. However, there are a lot of bands who have touched on these sounds (power chords and distorted guitars) way before these bands started honing in on their potential.

For example, in 1964 the Kinks released a song called you really got me. This was centered on distorted overdrive guitar riffs. But, a lot has to be said for guitars on the debut album of The Velvet Underground. Distortion has influenced I’m waiting for my man and Heroin are early types of metal for sure. Lou Reed released an album called Metal Machine Music in 1975 which had a number of distorted feedback loops. On the notes of this album, he claims to be the inventor of metal.

The late sixties saw heavy metal gaining much more mainstream popularity with Helter Skelter from the Beatles. This was the heaviest sounding guitar song at the time. It clearly was an important step as far as the evolution of metal music is concerned.

There is no surprise that the same year in which The White albums released, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin formed too. But in all truth, Jimmy Page was already working on his own idea of distortion at the time with The Yardbirds alongside Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.

Led Zeppelin, burst onto the scene with some heavy distortion, but their varying influences meant they didn’t only work with metal sounds.

It was the creation of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath which created the metal band. Ozzy Osborne plowed into the music scene. Lots of bands and artists have contributed to the beginning of metal. Jimi Hendrix is another source of inspiration.