ToolIt’s generally said that metal bands are compiled of a group of stereotypical ‘rock stars.’ The tempo and heaviness are usually intolerable for regular people, and only faithful, hard fans are going to be able to listen to it endlessly. The lyrics are intimidating and overwhelming. But for all of this, there are some bands who defy these standards. One of them is Tool.

Tool is considered to be the thinking man’s band. The music ranges from heavy polyrhythms to melodic songs. The band members aren’t your regular musicians either and delve into a number of other things besides music. The things they discuss and the messages behind their music are enlightening and eye opening.

There are four members in the band, James Keenan Maynard, Justin Chancellor, Danny Carrey and Adam Jones. Maynard is the lead vocalist of the band and also has one of the best vineyards worldwide. Jones is a guitarist and also works in animation. He is responsible for movies like Independence Day. To say that they’re just into metal would be wrong. Their other talents show when it comes to their music too. But you can’t really explain their music with words; you need to sit down and listen to them in order to grasp their prowess fully.

The progression of this band in music is quite inspiring. They began with a couple of albums Undertow and Opiate, and the music was raw and full of angst. It was a sign of anger being expressed through music. But as time went on, they became calmer, and this showed in their music. Their last album, 10000 days was a symbol of the twenty-seven years his mother dealt with paralysis.

They have also released a live album called Salival. It’s another must listen and shows you exactly what live performances can feel like.